Beginning of our adventure

After months of development and testing, we are ready to present our customizable putter to you.

Your perfectly personalized putter

The concepts which lead to the development of the MYPUTTER were born and took form within a longstanding relationship of two passionate golfers who have shared many rounds together across Switzerland and Europe. Realizing that putting is the Achilles heel of many golfers and the putting stroke the most distinctive and personal aspect of the game, they decided to use their skills and passion for the game to create a customizable, personalized putter.

Putting accounts for 30-40% of strokes for the average golfer and, of course, more for the lower handicapped player. The putter is the most used club in the bag. The best way to improve your score and your putting game is to have a putter that has the feel, weight, length, look and sightline that suits you.

So why wait to acquire the personalized putter that will change your vision and experience of putting?

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5 days 14 hours ago

MYPUTTER by JL presenting our first ambassador @thibau_delangegolf


6 days 6 hours ago

Wonderful week for Myputter 😀 Great encounters! Many thanks to Raiffeisen de Sierre & Région, Rhône FM, MagicPass and Golf Club de Sierre


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