Technical aspects and advice

A few more clicks and your putter will be configured!

After deciding on your putter and the number of heads, you can choose the color of each head and its cover, the type of sight lines and if you want to put the logo of the association that we support. .

As a reminder, you have the choice between our new domed face (JL1) for a different ball roll with more spin or a more traditional flat face (JL0). All heads are delivered with a set of 2 weights of 12 and 24 grams.

For shafts, the traditional lengths are between 33 and 35 inches for an adult with a standard lie of 70 °. Regarding the grips, we have selected the Karma Dual Touch ™ in normal size (midsize) in black, blue, red.

Other desires or specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us. And don't forget that a professional fitting putting course could help you choose and harness the full potential of full customization.

We already wish you lots of great golfing moments on the greens.