Change your vision of putting

MYPUTTER has been developed around three axes to change YOUR vision of putting.

Trends and fashions, enhanced by your emotions, influence your putting. MYPUTTER is fully customizable according to your current preferences, all branded with YOUR name (or logo). By this, we want to bring a colorful touch to golf reflecting your outfit or simply your mood.

By its technical side, MYPUTTER combines the mallet putter with a curved face. The inertia created by the shape of the mallet associated with adjustable weights gives more stability in the movement of the putting. The newly developed domed face (JL1) gives the ball more spin and less slip or skidding. Indeed, the impact of the ball on MYPUTTER will always be at the tangent point whatever the position of the face. Obviously we have also developed a flat face (JL0) for the most irreducible.

Finally, your putter is made in a workshop protected by people with disabilities. We firmly believe that everyone on this planet deserves the chance to work, play and find their own role and pace on their individual life path. Golfers tend to forget this on a golf course. Some golfers can quickly get frustrated as the bad shots pile up. MYPUTTER could hopefully remind them of their own luck and help them regain some form of serenity.

And concretely?

This putter, machined in an aeronautical aluminum, allows you to feel a metallic and precise touch with each putt. Our know-how, combined with modern manufacturing methods, make this Swiss-made putter a companion that will never leave you.

When ordering, you can choose from the following options:

1. Customization

  • the color of the heads,
  • the curved (JL1) or flat (JL0) face,
  • the type of sight lines (4 patterns to choose from),
  • the color of its cover
  • and obviouslypersonalized registration
  • the type of shaft, its color, its length, its inclination, its grip (in 2 sizes)

-> Our putters are suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people

-> Everything is made to measure, so do not hesitate to send us your most secret desires, who knows we could perhaps make them come true?

2. L’impact social
The free choice of supporting the Ateliers du Rhône association with a donation of CHF 50.


Manufacturing in a sheltered workshop

The putters are manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, in a mechanical company integrating people with disabilities. Our approach is to be able to give this production and empowerment work to these people.

Supervised by professionals, they will be keen to build your future putter and participate in their own way in your best golfing days.

If you wish to support the association “Les Ateliers du Rhône” you can make a donation (50 CHF) to the association when ordering, which will send you a receipt (tax deductible) confirming your generosity.

And we will print the logo of the association on your putter, if you wish, so that in moments of latent frustration, your generosity takes over.