Change your vision of putting 

MYPUTTER is an mallet configuration which has been developed around three axis to change YOUR experience of putting.

MYPUTTER is fully customizable to fit your preferences and approach to the putting stroke. We bring a colorful touch to the course with color choices reflecting your outfit or simply your mood. Each putter can be personalized with your name (or logo).

On the technical side MYPUTTER is offered in a choice of face configurations. Our putter can be ordered with a curved or flat face. The ball impact created by the shape of the newly developed curved face (Model JL1) gets the ball rolling more smoothly with less sliding or skidding. The contact of the face will always be at the point of tangent regardless of the position of the face. MYPUTTER is also offered with a flat face (JL0) for the golfer who is comfortable with a more traditional look. Our mallet putter has adjustable weights which improve the stability and repeatability of your putter stroke.

Your MYPUTTER is made in a protected workshop employing people with disabilities. This is a secondary part of our mission. We firmly believe that everyone on the planet deserves the chance to work, play and find meaningful roles on their life’s path. Golfers may tend to forget this on a golf course. Some golfers may quickly feel frustrated as the bad shots pile up. MYPUTTER might hopefully remind them of their own luck and help them regain some form of serenity.

“Technical Stuff” and Customization Options

MYPUTTER is machined in an aeronautical aluminum, which provides a metallic and precise touch with each putt. Our know-how, combined with modern manufacturing methods, make this Swiss-made putter a companion that will serve you for years.

When ordering, you can choose from the following options:

1. 1. Customization

  • the color of the heads,
  • the curved (JL1) or flat (JL0) face,
  • the type of sight lines (4 patterns to choose from),
  • the color of its cover
  • personalized registration
  • the type of shaft, its color, its length, its inclination, its grip (in 2 sizes)

Our putters are suitable for both right and left handed people

Everything is made to measure, so do not hesitate to send us your most secret desires, who knows we could perhaps make them come true?

2. Social impact     

The free choice to support the Fondation Théodora, with a donation of 50 CHF. 

Since its beginnings in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has been pursuing its mission; to bring laughter and joy to children in hospital. Today, the Foundation organises and funds the weekly visits of 75 professional artists – the Giggle Doctors – in 33 hospitals and 27 specialist care centres for children with disabilities across Switzerland. Each year, these funny and intriguing characters spread smiles and moments of happiness during more than 100,000 visits to children.

The Giggle Doctors are specially trained and work closely with care specialists.

The Foundation offers five programmes : Giggle Doctors et l’and Pre and Post-Surgery Assistance Programme for young patients in hospital ; Mr. and Mrs. Dream and Little Orchestra for the Senses for children with disabilities ; and The Lil’ Champs for children in obesity therapy.

The Theodora Foundation is a recognised charity and does not receive any funding from hospitals or the government. The much-loved weekly Giggle Doctor visits depend entirely on donations from supporters and partners.

The Theodora Foundation is a founding member of the European Federation of Healthcare Clown Organizations (EFHCO).


Manufacturing in a sheltered workshop

The MYPUTTER is machined and assembled in Switzerland, by a company which integrates and offers employment to persons with disability. Our desire is to provide an environment of meaningful work opportunity and to empower.

Supervised by professionals, the staff are keen to build your future putter and participate in their own way in your golfing experience.

If you wish to support hospitalized children, you can make a donation (50 CHF) to the "Fondation Théodora" when you place your order and we will send you a receipt (tax deductible) confirming your generosity. If you wish, we will print the logo of the Foundation donation (50 CHF) at the "Fondation Théodora"We will send you a tax-deductible receipt confirming your generosity. If you wish, we will print the Foundation's logo       on your putter.